University of California, Berkeley

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Audrey Knowlton
Program Director

(510) 642-5113


June 2 – August 8, 2014

University of California, Berkeley

Amgen Scholars at the University of California, Berkeley participate in 10 weeks of intensive research in the sciences. Each student will have direct participation in a faculty member’s laboratory and work directly with faculty, a postdoctoral scholar, and/or a graduate student. In the lab, students will have the opportunity to participate in weekly lab meetings, the lab’s journal club, and other lab activities. Graduate Student Assistants (GAs) will aid students in all aspects of the program with emphasis on the academic and social components. GAs will assist students in acclimating to the lab, Berkeley campus environment, and meeting all program requirements. UC Berkeley offers students the opportunity to learn from leading scientists working on cutting-edge research across several disciplines including the biological sciences, bioengineering, chemical biology, chemistry, chemical engineering, plant biology, microbiology, neuroscience including vision science, synthetic biology, and other science areas.

Students will not only engage in laboratory research during the week, but also attend weekly seminars on a broad range of scientific subjects, workshops on graduate admissions, GRE preparation, preparing poster and oral presentations and career opportunities in the sciences. Berkeley’s Amgen Scholars will also have the opportunity to interact with and participate in collaborative workshops and social activities with other summer research program participants on campus. During the summer, Scholars can take full advantage of San Francisco’s dynamic culture and other activities in the Bay Area.

The San Francisco Bay area is the birthplace of the biotechnology industry and continues to have the greatest concentration of biotech companies in the world including Amgen, Genentech and Chiron. The University contributed to the gene-splicing techniques that launched the $27 billion biotechnology industry and Berkeley professors have founded Chiron Corporation and other biotechnology firms.

UC Berkeley welcomes applications from undergraduates across the nation and those from diverse populations and backgrounds are encouraged to apply.