Faculty Mentor Olivia Martinez Builds Confidence in the Lab

As a young girl, science and math had been Olivia's favorite, and she had a natural aptitude for the subjects.

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Karolinska Institutet Faculty Mentor Lisa Westerberg on Mentorship

As an undergraduate at Karolinska Institutet, Lisa Westerberg had her sights set on learning as many methods as possible. 

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Faculty Mentor Richmond Sarpong Supports His Amgen Scholars

Amgen Scholar faculty mentor Richmond Sarpong calls his students and postdocs “coworkers.”

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Amgen Scholar Faculty Mentor Leona Samson Inspires Aspiring Scientists

As a young girl, Amgen Scholar faculty mentor Leona Samson, director of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT’s) Center for Environmental Health Sciences, never imagined she would attend college — let alone become a scientist.

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Amgen Scholars is an international program funded by the Amgen Foundation with direction and technical assistance provided by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Cambridge.

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