University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Berkeley

June 5 - August 11, 2023

February 1, 2023

Applications to be an Amgen Scholar are provided by and processed at each participating host institution. Follow the link above to find this institution’s application.


Audrey Knowlton, Program Director

(510) 642-5113

Amgen Scholars at the University of California, Berkeley participates in ten weeks of intensive research in the sciences. Each student has direct participation on a research project in a faculty member’s laboratory and works directly with an in-lab mentor, a postdoctoral scholar and/or a graduate student. Scholars are expected to work full-time in the lab, attend weekly lab meetings and are encouraged to participate in journal clubs and other lab activities. Berkeley’s program offers students the opportunity to learn from leading scientists, conduct cutting-edge research across several disciplines including various areas within the biological sciences, bioengineering, biophysics, chemical and biomolecular engineering, chemistry, chemical biology, computational biology, and other STEM fields. Scholars not only engage in laboratory research during the summer, but also attend weekly required faculty seminars and workshops on a broad range of scientific disciplines and professional development topics including on graduate admissions, scientific writing, communicating science, presentation preparation, and career opportunities in the sciences.

Amgen Scholars’ benefits include a stipend, round-trip air travel (as needed) or mileage reimbursement to/from Berkeley, paid summer session fees and access to all student benefits, campus housing (usually in apartments), meals or meal allowance, and attendance at the North American Amgen Scholars Symposium at UCLA in July. Graduate Student Program Assistants/Mentors (GAs) work outside of the lab and assist scholars in all aspects of the program with emphasis on the academic and social components. GAs meet weekly with scholars in a group or individual setting to obtain progress reports and provide a variety of support. GAs also mentor scholars and play the role of liaison between the faculty, lab mentors, and the scholar. UC Berkeley Amgen Scholars Alumni are successful in enrolling in Berkeley and other prestigious graduate and professional programs across the nation and completing their advanced degrees.

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