University of Cambridge (UK)

University of Cambridge (UK)

July 10 - September 7, 2023

February 1, 2023

Applications to be an Amgen Scholar are provided by and processed at each participating host institution. Follow the link above to find this institution’s application.


Ms. Sandra Di Eleonora
Amgen Scholars Programme Manager
+44 1223 766878

Amgen Scholars at the University of Cambridge participate in eight weeks of intensive research in the sciences. Each student will join the laboratory of one of Cambridge’s experienced faculty members, including some of the world’s top academic scientists, gaining hands-on lab experience and contributing to the advancement of science. Students will have the opportunity to attend seminars and training, as well as social and networking activities; and to experience the excitement of working in one of the world’s foremost universities, surrounded by enthusiastic and motivated academics, graduate students and postdoctoral workers. During the programme, scholars will present their emerging findings in laboratory groups, to their supervisors and make an oral presentation to their peers. There will also be the opportunity to present a poster at the end of programme symposium hosted in Cambridge which Amgen Scholars from across Europe will attend.

The University of Cambridge is among the world’s foremost universities. Over the past 800 years, its contribution to the world has ranged from the discovery of the mechanism of blood circulation to the structure of DNA and from works of the great philosophers of the early 15th century, to the groundbreaking work of its many Nobel Prize winners. Cambridge is a cosmopolitan city with a beautiful medieval centre. Compact and easy to get around, it offers plenty to see and do. All Amgen Scholars will be housed in one of the city’s famous Colleges.

Cambridge welcomes applications from undergraduates from across Europe and prides itself in providing the world’s highest-quality university education for the brightest and best, regardless of background. Interested students from across Europe are invited to visit the Program website for further details and where they can use the University of Cambridge Research Topics Database to find projects and supervisors that they might be interested in.


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