Elisa Paoluzzi Tomada

Elisa Paoluzzi Tomada

Milan, Italy

“My time in the lab went by too quickly and I deeply enjoyed learning techniques and doing experiments.”

Host University: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Home University: Humanitas University
Amgen Scholar Year: 2016
Major: Medicine and Surgery
Expected Graduation: 2019

Journey to Science

How did you become interested in science?

I have always been curious about human biology and have had a desire to help others. This has motivated me to study human diseases and to pursue a career in which I could help others through medicine and scientific research.

Academic and Professional Ambitions

What’s the larger significance of your Amgen Scholars research? What’s your ultimate career goal?

My research project in Olivier Gires’s lab at LMU examines the role of EpCAM, a molecule associated with cancer, in deciding the fate of embryonic stem cells. The experience has been instrumental in confirming my goal to become a physician and researcher in translational medicine, specifically in tumor immunology. I hope to help bridge the gap between the practice of medicine and basic research.

Why did you apply to the Amgen Scholars Program?

Through the program, I hoped to acquire new skills, be part of a scientific team, and to understand how researchers move from scientific hypothesis to evidence. I also applied to the program to challenge myself. I am convinced that this summer was an opportunity to become a wiser student and to continue research and medical training.

What aspects of the program are you most enjoying this summer?

The time I spent in Munich was invaluable. My time in the lab went by too quickly and I deeply enjoyed learning techniques and doing experiments. I was incredibly fortunate to meet inspiring people who were ready to share their knowledge and experience. Outside the lab, I found motivated peers who became dear friends. Throughout the summer, it was stimulating to meet scientists from all different stages of their academic careers and, at the symposium, Scholars from the other host sites.