Lisa Selina Rodermund

Lisa Selina Rodermund

Hamburg, Germany

“I realized that with a science-based career I will not only improve my own mind, but also the world around me.”

Host University: Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universität München
Home University: Jacobs University Bremen, Germany
Amgen Scholar Year: 2015
Major: Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Expected Graduation: 2016

Academic and Professional Ambitions

What inspired you to major in science?

“Ever since I was little, I dreamed of becoming a scientist. I had my own microscope when I was seven and was breeding ancient crabs in an aquarium, observing their behavior and analyzing their skin in self-prepared samples. Years later during an internship, I had the opportunity to learn more about the connection between modern medicine, cell biology and biochemistry, and how research in this field can directly influence the work of hospitals and physicians helping to diagnose and cure diseases. I realized that with a science-based career I will not only improve my own mind, but also the world around me.”


What’s the larger significance of your Amgen Scholars research? What’s your ultimate career goal?

“My project at the LMU in Munich was about the molecular background of mechanisms in evolution. We modified the genome of different fly species in order to fluorescently label a protein called Yellow, which is very important for the wing pigmentation. This way we can observe its expression over the complete development of the fly under the microscope and find out how diversification happens. My goal is to pursue a Ph.D. and ultimately design my own research plans to lead and coordinate my own research team.”


Why did you apply to the Amgen Scholars Program?

“Working together closely with renowned scientists in well-equipped laboratories, I wanted to gain a deeper understanding and more knowledge about life sciences. Not only did I want to find answers to the many questions I have, but I also wanted to find more questions to ask and to study in the future. Furthermore, I hoped to learn more about the dynamics and structures of actual research groups and about how to present the research. Being a program of excellent reputation working with five of the most respected educational institutions in Europe, the Amgen Scholars Program was the perfect opportunity to fulfill these ambitions and motivations.”


What aspects of the program are you most enjoying this summer?

“Spending nine weeks with twenty other young scientists provides the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences, which has been especially enriching. From the science, the equipment and the university, to the city, the people and the activities, I am enjoying all aspects of the program!”