• Hiroki Fukuda

    Hiroki Fukuda

    “I have come to realize that I have many colleagues with which to work, as well as lots of goals toward which I can work outside of Kyoto University.”

  • Andrea Pérez González

    Andrea Pérez González

    “Through the Program, I expected to gain experience in research and learn laboratory skills, especially helping my ability to think as a scientist, as well as team work abilities.”

  • Yulia Kostina

    Yulia Kostina

    “Although the Amgen Scholars Program was advertised as a program for undergraduates, the program coordinators convinced me to apply as a first-year student. To my big surprise, I was accepted!”

  • Alex B. Munster

    Alex B. Munster

    “The freedom, trust and respect my supervisor and lab colleagues showed toward me allowed me to flourish on my own, and has suitably prepared me for PhD life after I graduate–and my future career as a physician scientist.”

  • Anh Cao Vu Quynh

    Anh Cao Vu Quynh

    “At my [home] university, all of my research was paper-based, so I had never been in a lab before. That’s why this experience with the Amgen Scholars Program was a great opportunity for me.”

  • Arvind Kumar

    Arvind Kumar

    “Although I had research experience in statistics and epidemiology, the Amgen Scholars Program gave me my first hands-on bench experience.”

  • Nicole Półtorak

    Nicole Półtorak

    “I applied because I wanted to learn the state-of-the-art methods in the field, and gain access to knowledge and others’ expertise that I couldn’t otherwise.”

  • Bryan Peacker

    Bryan Peacker

    “It was absolutely amazing to be able to speak with experienced researchers at the symposium about the science, and career paths in science.”

  • Elisa Paoluzzi Tomada

    Elisa Paoluzzi Tomada

    “My time in the lab went by too quickly and I deeply enjoyed learning techniques and doing experiments.”

  • Rana Tahir Rasool

    Rana Tahir Rasool

    “Conducting research at the University of Cambridge has given me the skills and confidence to work independently in my research field.”

  • Vera Thornton

    Vera Thornton

    “It was validating for me to come into this environment, a top-tier research institution, and be able to participate and accomplish something.”

  • Candice Ford

    Candice Ford

    “When I heard about the Amgen Scholars Program, I was immediately drawn to the fact that it would enable me to see if life in the lab was a fit for me.”