• Danielle Spitzer

    Danielle Spitzer

    “When you’re in the lab, you get to generate new knowledge. There’s an answer out there somewhere, but no one knows it yet.”

  • Assama Ketegou

    Assama Ketegou

    “I felt a sense of community among my peers in the Amgen Scholars Program.”

  • Anthony Preza

    Anthony Preza

    “I got to spend a lot of time of time interacting with my mentors. I learned how they were thinking about the research, and it felt nice to have that understanding.”

  • Anna Talyzina

    Anna Talyzina

    “I can’t imagine my life without science in it.”

  • Ivan Kent

    Ivan Kent

    “The Amgen Scholars Program has helped me realize my true calling in life as a scientist.”

  • Jenny Lai

    Jenny Lai

    “Conducting research at The University of Tokyo as an Amgen Scholar has had a tremendous impact on my future.”

  • Angela Madira

    Angela Madira

    “It’s amazing to be in a program where everyone is passionate about science and research, but they are all so unique in their interests and research focuses.”

  • Alexis Grace Garcia

    Alexis Grace Garcia

    “I applied to the Amgen Scholars Program so that I could dive into basic research as well as gain a more complete understanding of what it looks like to be a physician-scientist.”

  • Alexandra Imre

    Alexandra Imre

    “The Amgen Scholars Program is an unparalleled opportunity for young scientists to improve their professional skills.”

  • Maxwell B. Wang

    Maxwell B. Wang

    “I wish to become a scientist that is able to take techniques firmly grounded in decades of research in engineering and physics and apply them towards understanding complex biological systems.”

  • Carly O’Connor

    Carly O’Connor

    “What really cemented the Amgen Scholars Program for me was the availability of a project in women’s health that perfectly aligned with my interests, and the opportunity to study in Japan.”

  • Lisa Selina Rodermund

    Lisa Selina Rodermund

    “I realized that with a science-based career I will not only improve my own mind, but also the world around me.”