• Agata Misiaszek

    Agata Misiaszek

    “Working at the interface of the academia and industry seems the most appealing to me, as it allows for both the basic curiosity-driven research and its application.”

  • Ioannis Koulas

    Ioannis Koulas

    “Initially, I never thought of doing something besides clinical practice. That changed for me when the professor of pharmacology in my medical school said during a lecture: ‘You can spend all your life treating hundreds of patients every day, but if you discover an effective drug you will instantly save millions.’”

  • Andrea Pérez González

    Andrea Pérez González

    “Through the Program, I expected to gain experience in research and learn laboratory skills, especially helping my ability to think as a scientist, as well as team work abilities.”

  • Yulia Kostina

    Yulia Kostina

    “Although the Amgen Scholars Program was advertised as a program for undergraduates, the program coordinators convinced me to apply as a first-year student. To my big surprise, I was accepted!”

  • Nicole Półtorak

    Nicole Półtorak

    “I applied because I wanted to learn the state-of-the-art methods in the field, and gain access to knowledge and others’ expertise that I couldn’t otherwise.”

  • Elisa Paoluzzi Tomada

    Elisa Paoluzzi Tomada

    “My time in the lab went by too quickly and I deeply enjoyed learning techniques and doing experiments.”

  • Rana Tahir Rasool

    Rana Tahir Rasool

    “Conducting research at the University of Cambridge has given me the skills and confidence to work independently in my research field.”

  • Candice Ford

    Candice Ford

    “When I heard about the Amgen Scholars Program, I was immediately drawn to the fact that it would enable me to see if life in the lab was a fit for me.”

  • Anna Talyzina

    Anna Talyzina

    “I can’t imagine my life without science in it.”

  • Alexandra Imre

    Alexandra Imre

    “The Amgen Scholars Program is an unparalleled opportunity for young scientists to improve their professional skills.”

  • Lisa Selina Rodermund

    Lisa Selina Rodermund

    “I realized that with a science-based career I will not only improve my own mind, but also the world around me.”

  • Milica Vunjak

    Milica Vunjak

    “This was a great opportunity for me to see if I was capable of doing independent research as I would need to for a Ph.D.”