• Corshai Williams

    Corshai Williams

    “My ultimate career goal is to pursue a government position conducting forensic science research on trace evidence, explosives, and/or arsons.”

  • Vera Thornton

    Vera Thornton

    “It was validating for me to come into this environment, a top-tier research institution, and be able to participate and accomplish something.”

  • Anthony Preza

    Anthony Preza

    “I got to spend a lot of time of time interacting with my mentors. I learned how they were thinking about the research, and it felt nice to have that understanding.”

  • Ivan Kent

    Ivan Kent

    “The Amgen Scholars Program has helped me realize my true calling in life as a scientist.”

  • Christopher Divsalar

    Christopher Divsalar

    “I’ve received a taste of what it is like to be a ‘real life scientist’ and find it extremely exciting, challenging, and personally rewarding.”