• Ivan Kent

    Ivan Kent

    “The Amgen Scholars Program has helped me realize my true calling in life as a scientist.”

  • Angela Madira

    Angela Madira

    “It’s amazing to be in a program where everyone is passionate about science and research, but they are all so unique in their interests and research focuses.”

  • Alexis Grace Garcia

    Alexis Grace Garcia

    “I applied to the Amgen Scholars Program so that I could dive into basic research as well as gain a more complete understanding of what it looks like to be a physician-scientist.”

  • Maxwell B. Wang

    Maxwell B. Wang

    “I wish to become a scientist that is able to take techniques firmly grounded in decades of research in engineering and physics and apply them towards understanding complex biological systems.”

  • Karen Zhang

    Karen Zhang

    “The collaborative side of science is not always well advertised, but talking to scientists in industry as well as academia has shown me that research does not have to be a one person endeavor.”

  • Timothy Chai

    Timothy Chai

    “The Amgen Scholars Program’s done a spectacular job of putting together a well-rounded group of people.”

  • Oarteze Hunter

    Oarteze Hunter

    “Being in the presence of these big professors and doctors and having the chance to dialogue with them has been really inspiring.”

  • Reem Abdel-Haq

    Reem Abdel-Haq

    “Ultimately, I’d like to create affordable therapies for people, especially in less developed countries with inefficient healthcare systems.”

  • Imaani Easthausen

    Imaani Easthausen

    “It’s really cool to be in an environment to conduct research with other undergrads.”

  • Bayardo Garay

    Bayardo Garay

    “I would ultimately like to end up running my own lab at a leading research university close to a hospital where I can see patients.”

  • Alicia Romero

    Alicia Romero

    “I’ve learned there is no set path that says what success is, as long as you’re doing something you love and not giving up.”

  • Randy Cuevas

    Randy Cuevas

    “The most rewarding part is feeling like a scientist.”