• Joel Orlando Hernández Ramos

    Joel Orlando Hernández Ramos

    “The Amgen Scholars experience gave me the opportunity to have my first ever approach to neuroscience and stem cell culture.”

  • Agata Misiaszek

    Agata Misiaszek

    “Working at the interface of the academia and industry seems the most appealing to me, as it allows for both the basic curiosity-driven research and its application.”

  • Ioannis Koulas

    Ioannis Koulas

    “Initially, I never thought of doing something besides clinical practice. That changed for me when the professor of pharmacology in my medical school said during a lecture: ‘You can spend all your life treating hundreds of patients every day, but if you discover an effective drug you will instantly save millions.’”

  • Corshai Williams

    Corshai Williams

    “My ultimate career goal is to pursue a government position conducting forensic science research on trace evidence, explosives, and/or arsons.”

  • Rachel Elizabeth Petherbridge

    Rachel Elizabeth Petherbridge

    “While I love research, I am not sure what I want to do after getting my Ph.D. –  become a postdoc and eventually a principal investigator, go into industry, or work in patent law or public policy.”

  • Elizabeth (Lily) Hallett

    Elizabeth (Lily) Hallett

    “I was really interested in exploring Caltech, specifically the Lewis lab’s work on solar fuel. That particular project really drew me to apply to the Program.”

  • David Isaac Berrios

    David Isaac Berrios

    “Moving forward, I am confident that obtaining a graduate education will empower me to improve the quality of life for others.”

  • Ester Álvarez-Benedicto

    Ester Álvarez-Benedicto

    “I really liked the idea that you get to do research at a really well-known institution. Coming from a small campus and a really small public university, we don’t get a lot of funding.”

  • Cassandra Baker

    Cassandra Baker

    “Ultimately, I aspire to become a principal investigator (PI) with my own lab crewed by brilliantly blossoming scientists.”

  • Julia Carrasco Zanini Sánchez

    Julia Carrasco Zanini Sánchez

    “I think that one of the best ways to learn is by conducting scientific research. It makes you aware that scientific knowledge is dynamic and constantly advancing.”

  • Nguyen Thu Trang

    Nguyen Thu Trang

    “I knew working in a scientifically prestigious university like Kyoto would provide me experience, knowledge, and connections needed for my future career.”

  • Hlib Razumkov

    Hlib Razumkov

    “I saw people putting their soul into their projects and generating new ideas every single day. They were passionate about their projects and didn’t just work; they did something they enjoyed.”