The Amgen Scholars Australia Program is hosted by the University of Melbourne. Undergraduates from across Australia, New Zealand and Oceania are eligible to apply to participate. See the eligibility section for further details.


Australia Program Dates

PROGRAM DATES: 4 January - 23 February 2024


Amgen Scholars Australia Program applicants must be:

  • Undergraduate students enrolled in accredited colleges or universities in Australia, New Zealand or Oceania; and
  • Undergraduate students who have completed two years of an equivalent Australian bachelor degree in a scientific field before the summer program begins and after the summer program ends will resume undergraduate studies for at least two semesters

Applicants must also have:

  • A weighted average mark equivalent to 75% (GPA 3.2) or above in relevant 1st and 2nd year subjects; and
  • Demonstrated academic excellence and leadership, and
  • Interest and enthusiasm for a research higher degree in life sciences
symposium collage

Australia Symposium

A signature component of the summer program is the symposium where students hear firsthand from leading scientists working in industry and academia. Over the course of the symposium, Scholars have the chance to share their summer research projects with their peers and deepen their understanding of drug discovery and development.



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  2. What criteria do I need to meet to become an Amgen Scholar in Australia?

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  5. How do I apply?

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  7. Do I need to have attended the University of Melbourne during the academic year to apply to the Amgen Scholars Program?

  8. What about housing, food and travel expenses to and from the summer program in Australia?

  9. Will there be an opportunity to present my research project as well as learn more about biotechnology and drug discovery and development?

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  11. Do I need to have research experience prior to being admitted to the Program in Australia?

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  13. When will I find out whether I've been accepted into the Program?

  14. Can I be an Amgen Scholar in more than one summer?

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  17. If I am not selected this year, can I apply again?

  18. Whom do I contact with questions about the Amgen Scholars Program in Australia?

  19. If applicable, am I required to obtain the appropriate visas to participate in the Amgen Scholars Program in Australia?

  20. Is the cost of travel to and from the Amgen Scholars symposium in August, as well as room and board at the symposium, covered by the Program?

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