The Amgen Scholars Canada Program is hosted by the University of Toronto. Undergraduates from across Canada with Canadian citizenship or permanent residency are eligible to apply. See the eligibility section for further details.


Canada Program Dates

PROGRAM DATES: 13 May - 19 July 2024


Amgen Scholars Canada Program applicants must be:

  • Canadian citizens or Canadian permanent residents;
  • Undergraduate students enrolled in accredited four-year universities in Canada; and
  • Students in their second, third, or non-graduating fourth year of undergraduate studies.

Canada Program applicants must also have:

  • A cumulative GPA of 3.2 or above
  • An interest in pursuing a Ph.D.
symposium collage

North America Symposium

A signature component of the summer program is the symposium where students hear firsthand from leading scientists working in industry and academia. Over the course of the symposium, Scholars have the chance to share their summer research projects with their peers and deepen their understanding of drug discovery and development.

Amgen Scholars in the Canada Program meet in southern California each year to network with other Amgen Scholars from the U.S. and Canada as well as interact with leading scientists in industry and academia.



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  1. What is the purpose of the Amgen Scholars Program?

  2. What criteria do I need to meet to become an Amgen Scholar in Canada?

  3. Is there only one host institution in the Canada Program?

  4. What is the application deadline for the Canada Program?

  5. How do I apply?

  6. What is the expected number of Amgen Scholars in Canada?

  7. Do I need to have attended the University of Toronto during the academic year to apply to the Amgen Scholars Program?

  8. What about housing, food and travel expenses to and from the summer program in Canada?

  9. Will there be an opportunity to meet Amgen Scholars participating in the U.S. Program and to learn more about biotechnology and drug discovery and development?

  10. Is the cost of travel to and from the Amgen Scholars symposium in July, as well as room and board at the symposium, covered by the Program?

  11. Can I apply to participate in the Amgen Scholars Program in Canada if I am not a science or engineering major?

  12. Do I need to have research experience prior to being admitted to the Program in Canada?

  13. Which areas of academic research will the Program offer?

  14. When will I find out whether I've been accepted into the Program?

  15. Can I be an Amgen Scholar in more than one summer?

  16. Can I apply to the Amgen Scholars Program in multiple regions (Canada, U.S., Europe, Asia, or Australia)?

  17. Can I apply to participate as an Amgen Scholar in both Canada and Asia?

  18. If I am not selected this year, can I apply again?

  19. Whom do I contact with questions about the Amgen Scholars Program in Canada?

  20. Statement on preparing the Amgen Scholars Program application using generative AI tools.