Big Impact in Bio: Improving the Science of Science

“I think of the scientific method as an aspect we can study the same way we study cell biology or cancer biology.” -Stylianos Serghiou

Watch Amgen Scholars alumni tell their #BigImpactinBio stories, focusing on how to improve the science of science. Stylianos Serghiou, M.D. (ASP 2010, University of Cambridge) is a Ph.D. student at Stanford University; Marta AndrĂ©s TerrĂ©, Ph.D. (ASP 2010, Karolinska Institutet) is a scientist at the Bain & Company; Ailon Haileyesus (ASP 2015, Harvard University) is a development engineer at K2M, Inc; and Marvin Gee (ASP 2011, California Institute of Technology) is co-founder of 3T Biosciences.