Lela Okromelidze

Lela Okromelidze

Fifth Year Student

Education: Tbilisi State Medical University

2015 Amgen Scholar

“What seems impossible today, science will make possible tomorrow.”

Lela Okromelidze grew up in the Eurasian country of Georgia, which after years of fighting following the fall of the Soviet Union, didn’t always provide the educational opportunities of many other countries. Having to occasionally attend school without heat or electricity, Lela, with the help of her mother, defied the odds and is now a fifth year medical student at Tbilisi State Medical University. Upon graduation, it is her goal to become resident physician at a leading medical institution in the U.S. where she would one day like to follow in the footsteps of her mother by becoming a radiologist while also pursuing clinical research.


More from Lela Okromelidze:

“What excites me about science is having the opportunity to make the impossible possible. Science has a tremendous potential to change our lives. Living in a time where groundbreaking discoveries are made every day, and understanding that one day I will be the person making changes in the lives of other people, is the most amazing feeling a person can have.

I want to become a radiologist, working in the field of diagnostic radiology and be involved in future clinical research. Nowadays, developing affordable and effective diagnostic techniques are very important for early detection and treatment of various diseases. I hope my work will help to develop new diagnostic techniques for the earlier detection of cancer.

My mother inspires me. She was always there for me and motivated me to never stop fighting for my dreams. While other people used to tell me I was wasting my time, she was always there to help me focus on my path and never give up despite many obstacles in my life.

The Amgen Scholars Program gave me more than just a summer of research experience. It opened doors to other international and local programs and gave me confidence to be successful in the field of medicine and science.”

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