Marta Andres Terre

Marta Andres Terre

Ph.D. Candidate, Immunology at Stanford

Education: University of Barcelona, U Penn, Stanford

2010 Amgen Scholar

“Multi-disciplinary research has already started to change the world we live in, and I believe that by working together our potential to make a positive impact is almost limitless.”

Originally from Spain, Marta Andres Terre’s journey in science has taken her to the U.K., Switzerland, Sweden and now the U.S. As a current Ph.D. student in Immunology at Stanford, she is working to uncover cures for bacterial diseases like typhoid fever and the flu by discovering how the body can block them. Outside the lab, she is very active in helping future scientists on campus at Stanford. She began a group called the Stanford Biotechnology Group, which brings in speakers to educate students on many different fields of science. She also tutors young scientists on how to communicate science in a clear way in a variety of situations to help bridge the communications gap between the scientific community and general population.


More from Marta Andres Terre:

“I’m excited to see the impact current scientific discoveries will have on our lives and the world around us. I think my field (life sciences) is changing for the better – more and more scientists realize that we won’t make progress unless we work together in diverse teams. Collaboration is not only necessary, it‘s also exciting and fun.

My goal is to help further the progress of the life sciences by promoting technological and scientific innovation through the formation of teams in collaborative settings. By combining the skills from the likes of engineers, mathematicians, chemists, biologists and others, we can better work to solve today’s problems. I’d like to apply my scientific and statistical background to real world problems, particularly the ones related to healthcare and biotechnology. I would love my work to help build bridges between entrepreneurs and industry/academic life science professionals. I think scientists and entrepreneurs have a lot to learn from one another and the free flow of information between the two will be key in the future.

Science is a fantastic way to keep your life exciting. It always gives you something to look forward to. For every answer you get, thousands of new questions arise. I truly believe that science is not only about personal satisfaction; I think through science we can make this world and people’s lives better.

Being a successful scientist requires a high level of training and a solid theoretical knowledge base, and the Amgen Scholars Program helped me establish that foundation. I also realized that a career in science would mean having the chance to meet and befriend incredible people. In fact, the friends that I made through sharing research experiences (and a kitchen) that summer have remained friends and colleagues. I frequently exchange emails and meet many of my Amgen Scholars peers when I travel for conferences. They are amazing resources!”

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