Duke University

Duke University

May 20, 2024 - July 26, 2024

February 1, 2024

Applications to be an Amgen Scholar are provided by and processed at each participating host institution. Follow the link above to find this institution’s application.


Jessica Sawyer
Program Director

The Amgen Scholars Program (ASP) at Duke University is an intensive 10-week research experience for undergraduates interested in biotechnology and drug discovery. Scholars select a faculty mentor from 15+ departments including Pharmacology & Cancer Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Biomedical Engineering, who conduct world-class drug discovery research. Scholars will conduct independent research related to the lab’s ongoing projects, mentored by a team of faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students. Outside the lab, Scholars will form interdisciplinary teams to develop hypothetical research projects in drug discovery, and present their ideas to participating faculty and mentors. The program culminates with a school-wide symposium where Scholars share their research with fellows from other summer research programs at Duke. Each of these activities will help Scholars strengthen their communication skills and establish their professional identities in science.

Scholars will participate in complimentary activities that support the Duke ASP biotechnology/drug discovery focus, including visits to local biotechnology and Pharma companies in Research Triangle Park, home to 250+ companies, and meetings with scientists and graduate students currently interning in industry as part of their PhD programs. Scholars will also interact with several Duke faculty who have advanced their basic research to the next level — a startup biotech/Pharma company focused on drug development.

In addition to seminars, journal clubs, poster presentations, and programming that supports graduate school preparedness, Duke Amgen Scholars will participate in social and cultural activities that build community and showcase the vibrant, creative, and innovative city of Durham, NC.

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