Howard University

Howard University

June 8, 2024 - August 17, 2024

February 1, 2024

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Ronald H. Smith
Executive Director
Karsh STEM Scholars Program
Humanities and Social Sciences Scholars Program
Howard University Pathway to the PhD Program
(410) 963-5566 cell

Howard is one of the world’s most prestigious destinations for persons interested in health, science, and engineering. Nestled in the heart of government agencies like the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, the Naval Research Laboratory, Goddard Space Center, NASA, NOAA, DOE, DOD and USDA, Howard has a thriving research enterprise.

Amgen Scholars at Howard University will have the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop as they move along their pursuit to become scientists/researchers. The 10-week summer experience (June 8, 2024 – August 17, 2024) will expose participants to cutting-edge research being conducted by Howard faculty at both the university and the College of Medicine. Howard has created a learning community that is both welcoming and supportive.   Interns will be supported as they learn research techniques, receive mentorship from researchers in the laboratory, learn to think like a scientist, further develop their communication/presentation skills, and engage with staff and other students in weekly lab meetings. Also, those interested in graduate school will have a presentation on preparing for it and the application process. Finally, students will have the opportunity to attend the Amgen Scholars Program symposium where they will have the chance to present their research.

While academic development will be very important for our Amgen Scholars, efforts will be made to offer activities for social development as well.  Activities will vary but the focus will be on getting to learn about the vibrant environment that is the nation’s capital and to engage in a diverse community of scholars who are all aspirational and career oriented.

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