Tsinghua University (China)

Tsinghua University (China)

7 June - 3 August 2024

1 February 2024

Applications to be an Amgen Scholar are provided by and processed at each participating host institution. Follow the link above to find this institution’s application.


Dr. Ligong Chen, Program Director
Ms. Linan Cang, Program Manager


Amgen Scholars at the Tsinghua University consists of eight weeks of intensive research program in a wide range of fields in biomedical sciences. The accepted applicants will join a faculty’s laboratory and involve in one or more specific research projects. Each Scholar will have a faculty member as his/her mentor. In addition, a postdoc, a technician or a graduate student will be assigned to train and assist the student in the lab. As a member of the lab, the Scholar will have the opportunity to participate in a series of academic activities, such as weekly lab meetings, group discussions, presentation training, and campus-wide seminars of interests. In addition, other non-academic gathering will be organized, such as networking events, Chinese and Beijing culture exploration, etc.

Amgen Scholars’ benefits include a stipend, round-trip air travel to Beijing, paid summer session tuition, housing, and meal allowance on campus. Program Manager (PM) will work with the Scholars and assist them with all aspects of life on campus outside the lab. PM will meet with the Scholars regularly to provide necessary supports and coordinates among faculty, lab members, and the scholars.

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