Watch: #ScienceToMe Video on What Science Means to Amgen Scholars

In a new series of videos, Amgen Scholars at the 2023 North America Symposium share what science means to them, #ScienceToMe. From creating knowledge, to building access, to fundamental principles like intuition and connections, these Scholars are using science to fuel new innovation. Featuring: Elisa Tahiti (UCLA), Clara Tandar (Duke University), Milan Patel (Columbia University), Nifemi Adeoyo (University of Toronto), Ayoola Fadonougbo (Caltech), Kamala Kenny (National Institutes of Health), Tatiana Perez (UT Southwestern), Ian Costello (UT Southwestern), Jess Camacho (Washington University in St Louis), Dorothy Ware (Harvard University), Gianfranco Yee (Columbia University), Charlotte Best (Washington University in St Louis), Marcos Molinè (UCLA).