A Comedy Duo Forged in Science

Amgen Scholars Jacopo Razzauti (University of Dundee) and Nikita Sergejevs (University of Warwick) bonded over science in the Amgen Scholars Program at LMU Munich. In this new video from the 2019 European symposium at the University of Cambridge, they entertainingly share about their research and friendship.  

“We experienced a lot of cultural interaction. What we have in common is that we all love science. We give comments on each others’ projects. We have two families…the people who work with you in the lab and your friends.”

-Jacopo Razzauti

“It’s a combination of a friendly and challenging environment…You look at the others and they all work hard, which stimulates you to work harder. … This experience shapes you really well as a junior scientist.”

– Nikita Serge

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