• Joel Orlando Hernández Ramos

    Joel Orlando Hernández Ramos

    “The Amgen Scholars experience gave me the opportunity to have my first ever approach to neuroscience and stem cell culture.”

  • Julia Carrasco Zanini Sánchez

    Julia Carrasco Zanini Sánchez

    “I think that one of the best ways to learn is by conducting scientific research. It makes you aware that scientific knowledge is dynamic and constantly advancing.”

  • Hlib Razumkov

    Hlib Razumkov

    “I saw people putting their soul into their projects and generating new ideas every single day. They were passionate about their projects and didn’t just work; they did something they enjoyed.”

  • Anh Cao Vu Quynh

    Anh Cao Vu Quynh

    “At my [home] university, all of my research was paper-based, so I had never been in a lab before. That’s why this experience with the Amgen Scholars Program was a great opportunity for me.”

  • Arvind Kumar

    Arvind Kumar

    “Although I had research experience in statistics and epidemiology, the Amgen Scholars Program gave me my first hands-on bench experience.”

  • Jenny Lai

    Jenny Lai

    “Conducting research at The University of Tokyo as an Amgen Scholar has had a tremendous impact on my future.”

  • Carly O’Connor

    Carly O’Connor

    “What really cemented the Amgen Scholars Program for me was the availability of a project in women’s health that perfectly aligned with my interests, and the opportunity to study in Japan.”